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WHETHER A SELLER OR BUYER, you will find Stamos & Stamos Realtors a great company to do business with.  We make this statement with conviction and certainty. You both have specific needs; yet, you are both necessary to the achievement of the otherís desired goal. We feel the more the Seller and Buyer knows about the process, the easier it will be for each to focus on and achieve their desired goal.

WE AT STAMOS & STAMOS REALTORS have enjoyed a 30-year career in the profession.  We have an excellent reputation within the profession and with our clientele, present and past.

WHY A SELLER'S AGENT? Some of our clients feel more comfortable with a person who represents them exclusively. When you call to inquire about our services, we will explain all the options available to you. You have choices. Regardless of the decisions you make regarding our services, you will have our undivided loyalty, confidentiality and accountablity.

WE FEEL that your Seller's Agent must be intimately familiar with the values and the properties in a particular area and neighborhood, and oftentimes from street to street within a neighborhood. Absent that knowledge, your property's value may be misrepresented. We pride ourselves on having that kind of knowledge. It is that knowledge that gets your property sold in the least amount of time, at the best possible price based on existing values and market conditions.

WE ASSIST YOU with your homework.  We give you the knowledge you need to make good decisions about market timing, pricing, and the qualities your buyer will need to possess to make your move a smooth and fulfilling one.

WHEN YOU think sell, think Stamos & Stamos Realtors; we are a great company to do business with.







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