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WHETHER A BUYER OR SELLER, you will find Stamos & Stamos Realtors a great company to do business with. We make this statement with conviction and certainty.  You both have specific needs; yet, you are both necessary to the achievement of the other's desired goal.  We feel the more the Buyer and Seller knows about the process, the easier it will be for each to focus on and achieve their desired goal.

WE AT STAMOS & STAMOS REALTORS have enjoyed a 30-year career in the profession.  We have an excellent reputation within the profession and with other related professions and an excellent reputation with our clientele, present and past.

WHY A BUYER'S AGENT?  Some of our clients indicate that they feel more comfortable with a person who represents them exclusively.  If that is what you feel, then call and request the services of a Buyer's Agent.  Our Broker will provide undivided loyalty, confidentiality and accountability to you and for your needs.

WHY SELECT STAMOS & STAMOS REALTORS AS YOUR BUYER AGENT?  Primarily our knowledge of the area and our experience in the profession; they run hand in hand.  When selecting a Buyer Agent to represent your best interest, we recommend that you select a person who is knowledgeable about the locations you are interested in viewing.

WE FEEL that your Buyer Agent must be intimately familiar with the values and the properties in a particular area and neighborhood, one who knows and appreciates the slightest differences between neighborhoods and the streets that make up those neighborhoods.  Absent that knowledge, you will not be fully exposed to the properties that best meet your needs and you will risk the chance of losing your dream home and ideal location.  We pride ourselves on having that kind of knowledge.

WHAT A BUYER AGENT must have is the capacity and aility to help you recognize when a property is priced perfectly, when a property is priced high, and when a property is priced low and may actually warrant a higher offer.  Unless your Broker's knowledge is that refined, you may not be encouraged to view a home that is the perfect choice for you.

WHEN was the last time you were told that a home had been on the market too long so there must be something wrong with it?  You will never hear those words from your Stamos & Stamos Realtors Buyer Agent, because we will know why a home has been on the market for what may seem an excessively long time; we will do our homework.

WHERE ARE YOU LOOKING?  We recommend that you call the local Buyer Agent in the area you are looking and if you are thinking of a purchase in the Cityof Quincy with its remarkably distinct neighborhoods, do call Stamos & Stamos Realtors.  We have the experience and the knowledge you expect and we are local.

WHETHER YOU ARE relocating across the city or across the country, you will want a Stamos & Stamos Realtors Buyer Agent assisting you in your selection.









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