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WHERE IN THE WORLD….would you want to live?

O.K. and, perhaps, someday, we would want to live there too. Practically speaking, however, where in the world do you want to live? Where do your needs bring you today?

In the 50 states there are a variety of lifestyle choices. Let us help you in your search, or, perhaps, guide you ever so gently to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and, more specifically, in and around the Boston area, where there are a remarkable variety of lifestyle choices. And, for this moment, let us help you narrow your search and bring you directly to Quincy.

Quincy is a great city to call home, just 7 miles south of Boston by public transportation or major roadways. Quincy boasts 27 miles of shoreline, several yacht clubs and several marinas including Marina Bay which is the largest marina in the New England area; the city also has an impressive sailing program. Quincy is history rich having been one of the earliest settlements of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, visited by Myles Standish, it is the birthplace of two presidents (John Adams and John Quincy Adams), was host to early aviation events, is renowned for Quincy granite and ship building.

The City of Quincy has at least 15 clearly defined communities, each with a style and appeal of its own. Quincy’s center city has been rezoned with smart growth in mind and the intent of making Quincy Center a great place to live, work, and play. Speaking of play, you can play at the Granite Links Golf Course and if eating is your pleasure, you can eat to your palate’s contentment at any of the nearly 200 restaurants located in Quincy.

Learn more about this corner of the world.  Check out our links page "Get Anywhere From Here" for a good overview of what is available in this area to help fulfill your expectations of the place you want to call home.

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